5 Common Mistakes when Using Laptop Computer
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5 Common Mistakes when Using Laptop Computer

Learn about the 5 Common Mistakes when Using Laptop Computer. It is very important to take care of our laptop battery as well as the computer unit itself. However, there are instances that we cannot really prevent ourselves from doing mistakes. This article provides essential information about the misuses of laptop computer which could lead to hardware failure in the long run.

Most of the time, we are not aware of how we use our gadgets and devices such as cell phones, tablet computers, laptop computers and other electronic devices. We usually know that these devices are intended to address our personal and business needs. As computer users knowing the common mistakes when using laptop computer and other electronic devices opens the door to the effective maintenance of these devices. There are many instances that we use our laptop computers in a wrong way which could eventually lead to overall hardware failure. Of course, the main purpose of taking care of our laptop is to prevent us from buying new computer again.

It is very important to know the different mistakes when using laptop computer to prevent us from doing it as these cause hardware failure which is sometimes not repairable. In addition, taking care of our laptop computer need both self discipline and at least the basic knowledge about computer maintenance. As much as possible, we also need to learn about the troubleshooting and repair of computers to save money from hiring computer technicians. These are the common mistakes when using laptop computer that should be avoided.

Use of Laptop Charger while the Battery is inserted

Many people use their laptop even if the battery is inserted because they don't bother removing the battery inside. It is only necessary to insert the battery of a laptop computer when there is a need to charge it and remove it after it fully charged. Using the charger of the laptop when the battery is inserted can cause possible failure to the battery itself. The battery is one of the most important parts of the laptop computer that should not be failed because it is expensive to buy new battery. The best thing to do is remove the laptop battery when planning to use the adapter to extend the life of the battery. This is one of the common mistakes of computer users when using their laptop.

Improper Folding and Unfolding the Laptop Screen

Normally, the hinge like joint parts of the laptop body and screen has several tiny wires which send and receive data to and from the computer system. Most computer users fold their laptop screen forcibly which sometimes cause the screen to have hardware damages. The tiny joint wires could be torned out when there is a large force in opening or closing the lid of the laptop screen. To avoid these common mistakes when using laptop computer, it is better to smoothly fold and unfold the lid of the screen to avoid possible hardware damage.

Not Using Laptop Cooling Fans

Many times we use our laptop devices without the use of laptop cooling fan. We might also think that it is better and more comfortable to use our computer without laptop cooling fans. Although this is true, it is necessary to use laptop cooling fans especially if we plan to use our laptop computers for longer hours. Not using cooling fans can cause overheating and eventually hardware failure of the device. This is another usual mistake when using laptop computer.

Using the Laptop on Foams and Other Soft Materials

It is nice to use our laptop computers on our bed when we are ready to sleep. This is usually done by those who don't know the effects of placing the laptop device on the foams of the bed. In fact, this is not only one of the common mistakes when using laptop computer but also this is the cause of laptop overheating on its small electronic parts. It is better to work with this portable device on a wooden table or stone table to keep the device cool.

Frequent Charging Even if Not Fully Discharged

There are instances that we cannot avoid to using our portable devices without totally consuming all of its battery charges. As a result, we tend to charge it again even if it has something like 40 percent of battery charge. This is really one of the most common mistakes when using laptop computer that should be realized by many computer users. Frequent charging of the laptop battery even if it is not yet fully charged can cause hardware failure to its battery. Basically, we need to completely drain its battery before charging it again to extend the life of the battery.

Those are the above mentioned common mistakes when using laptop computer that we are not aware of. Knowing these mistakes make us avoid possible hardware failures in the future. We have to take care of our laptop battery to effectively use it for longer time. It is expensive to purchase new battery and really hard to find.

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Comments (5)

Useful article on the most common laptop mistakes.

Once again, Mark, I must point out that modern laptop computers have built-in safeguards that prevent overcharging of the battery. Removing the battery is not only unnecessary, it circumvents the positive value of leaving the battery in at all times. With the battery in place, if the AC should fail the battery will take over powering your laptop computer. preventing a computer crash which could cause hardware and software damage.

Thanks for clarifying that point about removing the battery Jerry. It didn't sound correct to me either.

Great recommendations. I thought I'd just use the UPS and remove the battery when using the laptop computer for longer hours. But I agree with Jerry too as there are different kinds of batteries. Modern laptop batteries could still last long because these do not have memory effect unlike the old models of batteries. I have been using my laptop for almost two years and it could still work for more than 4 hours, just like when it's still new, on battery alone.

A lot of good points are covered here, I like the over all article.  It should be pointed out that damage to the harddrive from moving around is very real.  Solid state or flash memory drives certainly change the playing field, but any traditional drive will be spinning 5,200rpm or often faster even the slightest movement can cause minor damage.