AVG PC Tune Up and Driver Detective: PC Tune Up & Repair Review
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AVG PC Tune Up and Driver Detective: PC Tune Up & Repair Review

In this report

Performance of a computer system should be closely monitored for elimination of certain unnecessary files that may lead to degrade the execution power of your PC. Even after you delete a particular file using Shift and Delete key together, it does not gets completely removed, there are instances which remain saved most often in registry. Different PC Tune up software available are mainly used for ensuring your system executes various instructions with peak level of performance. You may not initially notice the degradation in performance of your PC as it grows gradually. AVG PC tune up is one of the better tune-up solutions which speed up the performance of your PC by eliminating crashing and freezing. Driver Detective on the other hand deals with development of software for use in customizable user interface and is a global trusted driver update authority.

#1 - AVG PC Tuneup   http://www.avg.com

If your PC is not performing as should do based on the configuration it has, then it certainly requires to get checked up by a computer specialist that is-AVG PC TUNE UP. This tune up software will closely monitor the performance of your PC and figure out the probable reasons of its slow processing. If it finds corrupted files that are still occupying memory and helping certain applications to be executed slowly then it simply removes those files permanently including those stored in the registry. It also enables to recover files that have been deleted accidently and are required. Along with this it keep your data well organized and safe from accidental or hard disk failures.


  • Increase Internet Speed: Internet Optimizer evaluates the internet speed of your connection and configures it correctly to get the maximum speed removing various unwanted interruptions.
  • Optimize Disk Speed: Disk Defragment and Windows Registry Defragment tools are used to reorganize files on your disks so that they can be retrieved in quicker time whenever required. The registry defragment helps in cleaning the windows registry by eliminating fragmentation and structural defects.
  • Permanently Delete and Recover Files: File Recovery tool is used to recover files that have been deleted either unknowingly or due to damage. Disk Wiper enables cleaning of entire hard disk to benefit from extra security.
  • Protect Privacy: Track Eraser tool provided is used to remove traces of all activities including online as well as offline activities keeping you safe from different attacks.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: All products offered by AVG come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days from the start of subscription.

System Requirements: Recommended system requirements for efficient execution of AVG PC Tune Up include Intel Pentium 1.5 GHZ or faster processor, 128 MB RAM memory and 250 MB hard disk.

Price: A 1-year subscription of AVG PC Tune Up is available at only £25.00 including tax.

#2 - Driver Detective   http://www.drivershq.com

Driver Detective is among those system tools which provide information about the correct drivers that are required for a particular system. Whether it is your mouse, keyboard, PC camera, USB device, gamepad or any other peripheral related to your system, it requires a driver for its execution. Instead of searching drivers on search engines which best suits your system needs, it becomes easy to use Driver Detective. It automates the process of identifying drivers which update your system easily.


  • Machine Intelligence: The machine intelligence functionality enables Driver Detective to find the best driver which matches to your system configuration.
  • Driver Backup: Consists of a program which allows backing up of all the drivers downloaded on to disk, network drive or USB flash drive. You can also access your files from anywhere by simply logging in to your account.
  • Fast Scan Technology: Scan technology available is among the best scanning and detection technologies that are used currently in the industry.
  • Driver Database & Publishing: With the combined effort of the research team all the important information related to different devices are piled up together and tested. It is then followed by a proper documentation for customers to understand easily.
  • Easy Migrator: It scans the hardware of your computer hardware automatically, downloads the latest drivers for a destination computer system and creates a device driver migration CD.

System Requirements:

  • Dot Net Framework
  • 300 MHZ or higher processor, 256 MB RAM, 22 MB hard disk space
  • Supports Firefox 1.2 or higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher and Opera 8 or higher

Price: Driver Detective is available at $29.95 for one year

The Bottom Line

Backed by its efficient customer support and popularity in the market of antivirus it would not be wrong to recommend AVG PC Tune Up as one of the best PC monitoring tool. Not only it increases the speed and power of execution of your system but also helps in keeping your system safe and healthy by organizing your data in a systematic manner. Driver Detective instead helps in solving driver related issues of your system. All driver fixes which are required are done automatically. Driver detective requires installation of dot net framework for its execution and produces software for use in intelligence containing databases for driver update functionality.

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