Being an IT Support Specialist: Some Information You Need to Know
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Being an IT Support Specialist: Some Information You Need to Know

As we all know, IT support is a specialists who address the problems that people encounter on the computer. They will look for what is wrong in your computer and try to fix it as soon as possible so that you can continue with your work. Getting the aid of an IT support in this pc world has become very convenient since they can answer your problem by e-mail or through the phone.

An IT support specialist can help you in a lot of things like how to properly use software, installing printers and other programs that you can use on your computer. It can also be possible, that you hire an IT support that would check your computer in a regular basis so that you can be assured that your computer is always at its best.

About the Work:

The main work of an IT support is to help computer users or company employees with their computer, may it be on software or hardware problem. This kind of work is really a good way to start for those who are interested to work in the pc world. You just need to make sure that you have the right skill and knowledge in what you do so that you will easily find a job. It is really important that you polish your skill and try to learn new things everyday so that it would add up to your competency in doing your work as an IT support


An IT support should have finished a degree in any computer related course. This is very important especially if you want to apply to known companies in your place. They will definitely check your educational background to be sure if you are suited for the job. But, if you are planning to go freelance, then a degree course which would take about four years is not necessary. There are now a lot of trainings and seminars on computer troubleshooting and maintenance that can provide you the right skill to be a freelance IT support in the pc world. A lot of institutions today also offer short-term courses on computer repair and maintenance.


Most of the companies that will hire IT support would usually require their employees to undergo one month training before they are assigned to the field. But, it would still be better if you are already familiar with computers before you apply for the job. If you are a graduate of a degree course in IT, then this would not be a problem since the pc world is not a stranger to you anymore. But if you took short-term courses, it would be good if you familiarize yourself with both hardware and software component of a computer before you apply for IT support in a certain company.


You can check online to give you some idea on how much does this job pay. As what you will see, the hourly rate of an IT support is definitely competitive. The payment you will receive would depend much on the following factors, experience, company size and location. So while you are still starting, do not aim immediately for those big salaries, try to make your way through the earning while you gain experience and exposure in the pc world. 

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IT support specialist should know the latest trends of technology both in the category of hardware and software. You also need to understand the different IT infrastractures so you can really implement the support to a company. Thank you for sharing this informative article, keep it up! (LIKED and SHARED)