Book Review: "Turbo Windows - the Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide"
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Book Review: "Turbo Windows - the Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide"

"Turbo Windows - the Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide" is a new book about computer speedup, optimization and maintenance. This article reviews the book and tells you how you can download it for free.

A slow computer is something most people are not prepared to put up with. That's why there are countless software programs offering to make computers run fast, repair registry errors, and optimize Windows settings. There are also a lot of book about how users can speed up the performance of their PCs. But there is one major problem with most PC optimization books - they are written for professional computer technicians and not for the average computer user.

"Turbo Windows - the Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide" is a new book that simplifies computer speedup and optimization. It's written by experts from Auslogics Software - an Australian software company that is famous for its free defragmentation utility Auslogics Disk Defrag and for its paid PC optimization suite Auslogics BoostSpeed. Based on Auslogics' knowledge and expertise, the book provides invaluable advice on how to speed up computers running Windows.

The book is written with the average home user in mind, which means that it's written in plain English and doesn't use technical gobbledygook. "Turbo Windows - the Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide" will teach the readers how to maintain, back up, protect, and speed up their computers without spending any money on professional help. All optimization advice is provided in a well-explained step-by-step format, so that it's very easy to apply even the most advanced Windows tweaks. "Turbo Windows - the Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide" concentrates on proven and safe techniques, so that, when done correctly, no damage to any computer or software can occur.

One of the best things about "Turbo Windows" is that each and every step is explained and illustrated. This means that even novice users can simply follow instructions and see what their screen should look like. So, if you have Windows XP or Windows 7, you won't have any trouble at all. Windows Vista is not covered in the book simply because very few people use that operating system and most advice for Windows 7 will work for Vista as well.

"Turbo Windows - the Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide" is available as a free ebook and as a paperback for sale on Amazon for $21.81. The ebook can be downloaded for free, but only after the user tweets about the book or shares it on Facebook. Once the news about the book is shared, the greyed out download button becomes available. Hurry up because this is a limited edition and it will only be available for a limited time.

This book is a real gem for everyone who wants to make their PC fast and keep it running as good as new. Especially considering that the ebook is free.

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Interesting and extensive review....thanks

Great review with all the right contents for total information. Well done!

Returning to DIGG this.

I really like the concept of your article, you have given me the best idea about the importance of speeding up a computer. Thank you for sharing this informative article, voted and shared.

Excellent tips for speeding up PC with the above guidelines, Liz.