Five Cool Things You Can Do With Your Computer
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Five Cool Things You Can Do With Your Computer

Make your computer speak, Make you computer shut itself, change the shutdown music, dingbats, Make you computer talk.

Ever wanted to do something new with that old PC of yours? Like make it say something or make it shut itself down with a different shutdown music? Well, look no further because YOU just click on an article that can teach you how to make your old PC do new things you never thought possible. Just read below for a step by step guide to make your PC talk, shut itself down, and many other tricks. All of the following steps have been clearly detailed so even someone without any computer knowledge can follow them (Plus all the tricks are really simple...YET cool!). All the tricks have been fully tested, are fully reversible, and will not affect you computer in any negative way. So let's get started...

Computer Trick # 1-Make your Computer Speak !!

Want to make your computer say something that you type in? If you answer  “yes”, it is a quite easy process. Simply follow the steps:

Go to Control Panel>Sound, Speech, Audio Devices>Speech. A window should open that says speech properties. Under the “Use the following text to preview the voice”, Type in anything you want the computer to say. Click “preview voice” to hear your PC speak. You can also adjust the play speed by using the slider.

A More Technical approach….

The method described below uses SAPI (Speech Application Programming interface) that is in most Windows XP/Vista operating systems for the PC. SAPI is used for narrative accessibility program in your computer but we can use it to make your computer speak whatever you type in. No programming/computer knowledge necessary; all you need to know is how to copy and paste.

Step #1

Open “Notepad” or a “New Text Document”. To do this, right click on your desktop>go to New>text document/Notepad. Then copy and paste the following code in to the Notepad/Text Document.

Dim message, sapi

message=InputBox("Enter the text you want spoken", "Speak This")

Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")

sapi.Speak message

This is how it should look like(If it's double spaced, it OK):


Step #2

Now go to File>Save as…

File name: You can give the file any name, but you have to type in [.VBS] after the name.

Save as type: You have to save the file as “All Files”.

Press save and you will find a VBS file in your desktop. It should look like this: computer talk.png

Click on that file. A program like the one pictured below should appear. Type in what you want the computer to say and press OK. Depending on your computer, a male or female voice will say the words you typed in.

Personally I prefer the second method because all you have to do is double click on the program in the desktop unlike the first method where you have to open several windows...

Trick #2 How to Make Cool Graphical/Numerical symbols

Following symbols have been tested to work on Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. They come in handy when you make flyers/brochures or anything else creative.  Press and hold the [ALT] key and then press one of the following numbers to get the sign: 

ALT+1 ?    ALT+11 ?    ALT+21 §    ALT+31 ?

ALT+2 ?    ALT+12 ?   ALT+22 ?    ALT+0169 ©  

ALT+3 ♥      ALT+13 ?    ALT+23 ?      ALT+0153 ™

ALT+4 ♦      ALT+14 ?   ALT+24 ↑      ALT+0174 ®

ALT+5 ♣     ALT+15 ?   ALT+25 ↓      ALT+0163 £

ALT+6 ♠      ALT+16 ?   ALT+26 →    ALT+0162 ¢

ALT+7 •      ALT+17 ?    ALT+27 ←    ALT+0189 ½

ALT+8 ?     ALT+18 ?      ALT+28 ?    

ALT+9 ?     ALT+19 ?      ALT+29 ↔

ALT+10 ?   ALT+20 ¶      ALT+30 ?

Trick#3 Make You Computer Start any program at a given time

This is really useful for remembering things or playing a prank on someone. Basically you can use the Schedule Task feature of Windows to start any program including Windows Media Player and Internet . Follow the steps below to get started:


Start(Windows key)>All Programs>Accessories> System Tools>Scheduled Tasks.

Go to File>New>Scheduled Task.  A new program will appear. You can name this anything you want. 


Next, right click on the program and select properties. A windows will appear. Select "Run only if logged in" box at the bottom. Next, under "Run", pick "browse" to pick the program you want. A window will appear, and select "All" in the File of Type at the bottom. You can select any program/file you want to activate. For example, you could pick a Windows Media Movie file or saved web page. This is the  program that will activate in the time you select.


After that we must select the time the program will appear. Go to "schedule" tab. Select the time/frequency, you want the program to activate. The program will automatically activate at the time you chose, even if any other programs are running.

Trick#4 Easier way to shutdown your computer

Using Windows shortcut, we can create a program that will shut down your computer with just a double click. Follow the steps below:

Step #1

Right click on the desktop>New>Shortcut. Enter the following code:

shutdown -s -t 00

Click Next. Type in a name for the shortcut, ideally "PC Shutdown" is good choice. Click Finish. You can pin this to your start menu for further convenience. 

WARNING: Before you try the new shortcut, make sure to save anything that you are working on. The program will shut down your PC !!

Trick #5: Change the music of the Windows Shutdown

Another cool thing you can do is change your PC shutdown music. You can select any wav. or mp3. file and make it play when windows shut down. Wouldn't it be cool if your PC says to you "GOOD NIGHT Mr.A" when it shuts down ? Follow the steps below to get started.

Step #1: First thing you want to do is select a mp3. or wav. music file. Make sure the file you select is only about 5-8 seconds long or you shutdown is going to be a bit longer than usual !! If you want to use a voice like mentioned above, then you could make use of the first trick I explained about earlier in this article. You can find many sound recording programs on the internet to record the voice.

Step #2:After selecting the music file we have to name it in a way windows would recognize it. To do this Right Click the music file>Properties. A window will open. On the top you will a text bar. Write the following in that bar:

Windows XP Shutdown.wav

It Should look Like This:

Press OK.

Step #3

Click Start and go to "Run". Enter the following code and click OK


A window will open. In this you will find a large number of audio files. Scroll down until you find the file called "Windows XP Shutdown". Rename this file. Then Copy and Paste it into the desktop. Then delete the original file by Right Click>Delete. Next drag and drop your selected music file into this list. You can test this by restarting/shutting down your PC.


Hopefully I was able to teach you some nice computer tricks today that might have been a little entertaining. If you are creative enough you might figure out one or two ways to combine some of the tricks mentioned in this article for a grander effect. If you have any questions about any of these tricks, just post a comment or send me message and I will gladly help you. If there is any problems/mistakes with this article, please don't hesitate to inform me so I could make this article better. A second part of this article with brand new tricks will be coming up soon so you can follow me if you want to be the first to see it. Thanks for reading !!

Anton de Silva


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Comments (5)

Cool tips.

Neat trick. Maybe I'll scare my brother.

Cool......thanks for sharing with us !!!

I had Darth Vader's voice for shutdown: "...Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed..."


why these Graphical/Numerical symbols are not working on my google chrome

you shoul review it but other all were exelant