Simple Reminders to Help Identify if Your Computer Has Viruses
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Simple Reminders to Help Identify if Your Computer Has Viruses

If you are in doubt if your computer needs either a software reformat or a new hard drive due to some strange errors, then read up on this article so you can identify if you do need to make huge changes to your computer. Viruses should be removed no matter the cost or if the file has been attached to other files. It must be removed to maintain your computer's performance.

Before calling technical support of any computer company and making those changes which seems huge to all of us, some of us wants to be extra careful about these mundane issues with the computer like viruses and the like. 

Viruses usually happen when you download a program or a toolbar from sites you wouldn't usually take programs from. Aside from that there will be some strange things going on like for instance:

Website Redirection:

Isn't it annoying when you want to browse google, but you end up in another webpage. That occurs with the likes of malware and it's website redirectors, this is also dangerous since the sites that they will force you to browse to, are rather malicious and are going to new heights to take your information away from you.

Random Shutdowns:

They come in many forms when it comes to shutting down your computer.  From app windows with countdown timers, to sudden reboots from out of nowhere. These are very harmful to your computer's performance since these shutdowns would take away pieces of hdd space and missing sectors(patches of data) which are used to run your hard drive in perfect condition. Taking these sectors away would cause your computer to run less competent than ever before.

Unnecessary Pop-up Advertisements:

And just like website redirection, these pop-ups are annoying just like the former two characteristics in a virus. Though this comes up when surfing various websites.

And with these symptoms, here are some basic tips to help you have a better surfing experience.

1. Always find the trusted source for downloads, no matter how tempting and too good to be true for some offers are, you just got to have the time and commitment to practice this everytime you get a new app.

2. Even if you think it's safe to surf at that specific site, always download some form of antivirus to even protect yourself from all kinds of virii. A little prevention is better than a costly cure.

3. When you see the command prompt opening up and you notice the symptoms of the former three, then you either need to seek the local tech or the technical support which you have paid for with your warranty.

4. Don't just think twice about the kind of files you download, but scrutinize as much as you can from the back of your head until you decide to make that move and add another app to your file.

Have a better surfing experience from here on out! Comments are appreciated.

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Comments (3)

very good and helpful advice

This is a very helpful article...

I read a lot of phd dissertations about influence of viruses on the system and all they are hurt it.