Speeding Up Your PC
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Speeding Up Your PC

Speed up your PC with Tune Up Utilities.

It’s quite annoying when you get to purchase a supposedly speed-and-performance promising PC with monstrous hardware specifications and performance equivalent: a maximum of 4 Gigabits of RAM, Dual to Quad Core Processors packed with SLI GPU’s, atop all these, your PC runs and slows down at certain usage points? You even did try customizing the start-up options using the msconfig attributes, you also tried terminating some process running on the background, as well as deleting browsing cache and histories on your IE and Firefox, but still it takes some time to open and load a certain application, giving much of an annoying delay knowing that you’ve spent much for a quite high performance computer.

I came across with such experience, but with a nice research and software tests, I’ve ended up solving the problem! I got myself a powerful Windows Specific tweaking tool which boosts up PC performance --- Tune Up Utilities.

Tune Up Utilities, an all in one tune up software platformed only for Windows Operating System, either be Vista or XP with performance wise features: Disk Clean Up, where you can graphically see and clean up your drives, deleting cached and unusable files completely to free up a certain space on your disk drive. One really cool feature is the Registry Cleaner that scans, fixes and deletes cached registry entries which aren’t anymore associated with any of your current installed programs. This includes the deletion of moved and removed registry shortcuts, history lists and invalid software registry references. After the clean up, you can trigger the Registry Defragmentation option to optimize your registry reading interval. This compresses validated registry entries and defragments it to enable accessibly faster read response. The software also offers Memory Optimizer which optimizes memory usage in proper and prioritized execution of certain programs, which could be set automatically upon Windows start-up.

In case your hard drive becomes to a point unhealthy, the Hard Disk Doctor feature or Tune Up Utilities could check and perform a graphically logged scandisk, quite advanced that the scanning is displayed per sector. Thus, you could really get to check for certain sectors gone bad on your hard drive. The Tune Up software also allows optimizing according to the PC’s usage. One would have an option to terminate the networking functions and processes of a computer if it isn’t connected to the internet of LAN, making your computer run a hell lot faster than usual.

Extra tweaking features, which allows you to create and change your conventional boot-screen into a more personalized makeover. An option for you to change the log-in and welcome window. Customizable Icon and Shell packs could also be utilized for a more enhanced graphical theme.

If everything screws up after each tweaking changes, Tune Up Utilities sure has a back up feature which automatically creates a back up file of the configuration which perfectly worked fine before you got to a faulty one.

After you get to install Tune Up Utilities, and you get to customize everything according to your preference, then expect that your PC input response would race with a click-open interval not even close to a second. If it doesn’t, check your system (press the Windows Logo/ Start Key on your keyboard together with the Pause/Break Key). Your PC might be running Windows ’98 or ‘95 either.

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Comments (9)

I'm out of votes for today, but I'll be back...in the meantime, I have bookmarked this for handy referrence! Nice job!

Thanks much Sharla, I really appreciate it. Again thanks!


I also use tune up and since I am normally installing and uninstalling apps on my computer, I can't live without it since registry scans are a must for me after every one week.

Actually I have a friend who owns a quad core PC with a 1TeraByte Hard disk and 4GB Memory but his system runs so slow he once thought he was ripped for the $1500 purchase.

I use a $500 machine that beats his on performance by far courtesy of tools like Tune up. My problem was convincing him to use it since he thought it was a waste of time. Now I can refer him to this article for evidence....good job though

Thanks Teddy! I as well agree with you. To literally imply, a Windows Based Operating Environment should always be coupled by a software utility like Tune Up... Thanks very much for the comment and vote...


rencently.i've found another way to speed my poor PC, the software "tuneup 360".it really works and functional.


rencently.i've found another way to speed my poor PC, the software "tuneup 360".it really works and functional.


rencently.i've found another way to speed my poor PC, the software "tuneup 360".it really works and functional.

Thanks for the input Jolin!

It is good to know the tips about speeding up a computer system especially for heavy computer use such as computer 3D gamin, video editing applications, etc. Thanks for sharing this informative article, voted and shared.