Those Computer Updates
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Those Computer Updates

Recent computer updates for PC, updating operating systems, computer add-on updates

If the computer needs updating, you might as well think of another platform or get a computer programmer to help. Recently I was informed that Windows XP will have updates until about 2013 which would either force me to get a new computer or get the assistance of someone who can help manage the update by removing the windows XP and provide me with Windows 7. The computer having 90 GB is powerful enough and I’ll I need is a USB port to attach the card that will transfer the information.

That is an example of a needed update for Windows XP will soon no longer provide any virus protection, I was told. There is no need to upload any of the packages that I had to do, security patches to make the Windows XP more effective. My reason for all this? I had a recent overall at a computer centre and when they uploaded the XP they gave me a French version. So one might as well check the language base of the operating system, just to make sure before going through a change.

Would I have these problems if I had purchased an Apple? Probably not, My understanding is that this is what makes PCs cheaper than the Apple brand; one has to continually update a PC to keep it functional. The necessary software is already “in the Apple computer”, using lay terms. Thsi is why PC prices are lower than its competitors; the consumer ends up testing those updates and making sure they fit.

Updating is not synonymous with cleaning out computer bugs that will slow down the operating capacity or interfere in some way with the proper operation of your machine. It is synonymous with additional features that the company has added which may include security features to prevent a viral attack.

There are updates and then there is also chaos I remember after having download flash player updates on a previous windows 98 system only to find that it would run slowly. One wants to wait a while before adding updates just to make sure that all the

kinks have been ironed out first.

One of the reasons why I have opted out of Norton is that the company offers a heavy package that needs to updated regularly when there are efficient anti-virus packages that are not as heavy and do not require as much CPU to operate. Avast has worked well where the anti-virus is continually updated on a regular basis by clicking update adter you have right clicked on its toolbar icon.

One thing to check when you update a browser such as Mozilla’a firefox is that the previous add ons which you may have downloaded no longer fit. I try to keep clear of many of these unnecessary add-ons that in themselves need to be updated as time goes on when companies add new bells and whistles to keep their products competitive. Updates then not only refer to operating systems but to any additional feature your computer might need in order for that software to remain current. Many examples of add-ons are your social media sites that allow you to divulge your articles to a wider reading public. These can be added onto your browser task bar.

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