Top 5 Registry Repair Software Programs: Review & Coupon Code
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Top 5 Registry Repair Software Programs: Review & Coupon Code

In this report

The job of any registry cleaner is to fix errors, cleanup your registry, (that means organizing things better, defragmentation and so on), and generally making your computer work faster and more effectively.

Working on this principle the products below are reviewed for how well they do this, what else they do and how much they cost with a view to being value for money.

Readers will agree that the best value is not necessarily the cheapest, (although that may suit a limited budget best), but by the same token the most expensive is not always the best.

There are so many computer products on the market it is difficult to know which is best and trolling through them all to find information is very time consuming.

The aim in this article is to save consumers time by clearly setting out who does what, so the reader can make an informed choice of which software suits them best without spending days searching sites for details.

#1 - PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor , made by ParetoLogic, comes out on top for sheer performance and for extra features not offered with other software.


  • Organizes start up
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Clearly set out
  • Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP and both 32 and 64 bit
  • Additional performance enhancing features not available with other products
  • Stop Windows, Crashes Freezes and other "Strange" Windows Behavior
  • Automatic File Extension Manager
  • Duplicate finder

and there are more features.

The complaints are with the company and not the product, which leaves the product as a worthwhile choice if you are prepared to put up with the company.


  • When you go to pay they have automatically added another program, “live support” which costs around $10. If unfortunate customers do not notice this and hit the pay now button they will be buying a relatively useless product they do not want. This is a bit cheeky. You need to find this and uncheck before hitting the buy button.
  • Clicking on “Buy now”, may give a different price than the one shown. If this is lower, great but it could just as easily be a few dollars more, and this, again, is a bit cheeky.
  • Having “bought” the product if you are paying by Pay Pal, on being directed to your account the amount is different yet again, with tax and/or shipping added. This was not mentioned at any point up to here, and so the price you believed you were paying is not the “real” price. As this is the third price problem, you can be left in little doubt the company is out for all it can get, and if this means making you believe the cost is lower – so be it. That said, it is still not expensive, just annoying to feel deceived in this way.
  • Customer service is virtually non-existent. There is a live chat for help, but you can wait around seven minutes for a simple answer. This time is not due to the person finding out details – even if you ask what color the box is, you will wait and wait. This means three or four questions will take you around half an hour. Asking a two part question usually elicits only one answer and in many cases the answer is not related to the question.
  • There is no email address to write to and no form for sending questions. The live chat is the only way to contact them.

Price: total package costs around $40 for one computer

To read a full review on this product click PC Health Advisor

ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor

#2 - iolo System Mechanic 10

iolo's System Mechanic would be at the top of the list, if it were easier to use. Many features seem to be roughly the same tool set out in both a complicated and an easy fashion, and as such seem somewhat superfluous. This involves reading and understanding both in order to choose which one to utilize. A powerful software program, but requiring too much technical knowledge for the average computer user.


  • Advanced system features
  • Easy to use interface
  • “PC Health Status” provides real-time status of your computer’s health
  • Permits user to correct problems without the need to open System Mechanic
  • “System Customizer” allows you to change many Windows settings
  • “NetTuner” optimizes your internet connection
  • “NetBooster” also optimizes your internet connection and is easier to use
  • Duplicate File
  • “DriveSense” provides real-time readings such as hard drive temperature
  • “PC TotalCare” is an all-in-one tool for repair and recovery

and there are many more features.


  • A couple of tools are not really easy to use, such as maintenance
  • Startup Manager is not straightforward and requires technical knowledge of names

Price: total package costs around $50 for one computer

To read a full review on this product click iolo's System Mechanic

800px × 600px (scaled to 572px × 429px)

#3 - TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities is great for fine tuning your computer and increasing its speed, but not so good if you also want a repair function. As slow speeds and other hitches can be twofold, a program that really works on both parts is preferable, but for simply optimizing your computer this is hard to beat.                      


  • Turbo Mode, (streamlines system settings)
  • TuneUp Program Deactivator, (increases operating system speed)
  • Various maintenance tools
  • Choice of interface


  • Repair features are not great

For about $50 TuneUp Utilities can be downloaded to up to 3 computers. This makes it great value for 3 PCs, reasonable value for 2 and not great value for 1.

To read a full review on this product click TuneUp Utilities

Program Deactivator

#4 - Spotmau PC Utilities

Sotmau PC Utilities is not a bad product if you can get used to working the over complicated interface. Like any product that is set out in a different way to you are used to, at first this seems hard to figure out, but when you get used to finding things and know where they are, it is relatively easy to use. A simpler set up would improve this software.


  • Eliminates Windows freeze and hang.
  • Rescues your crashed data but many computers already have this facility
  • Boots up any computer
  • Support booting from CD/DVD drive and USB drive
  • Hard drive partition and formatting
  • Recover data and passwords


  • Takes some getting used to in order to utilize the full potential, (and you need patience)
  • Tools are bundled into “kits”, and sorting through these to find useful tools is not as easy as it could be
  • There are too many features that are not terribly useful

Beware – to get all the features the company list, (notably the boot and rescue crashed data), it is not enough to buy PowerSuite 2011, you need to buy PowerSuite Golden. For two extra features the Golden at nearly double the price, works out as not being good value.

Price: PowerSuite 2011costs around $39.95 for one computer

Price: PowerSuite Golden costs around $69.95 for one computer

To read a full review on this product click Sotmau PC Utilities

140px × 280px

#5 - RegCure

RegCure PC Optimizer,  made by ParetoLogic, the same company that makes PC Health Advisor, offers many of the same features, but not all. There is no obvious advantage to this product over PC Health Advisor, and in fact it offers less while costing more. Seems a bit counter productive for this company to sell this as well, but it is a valid registry cleaner.


  • Organizes start up
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Clearly set out
  • Works with Windows 7, Vista, ME, 98, 2000 and XP and both 32 and 64 bit
  • Additional performance enhancing features not available with other products
  • Free trial


  • As this is the same company as above, the negatives are the same

Price: total package costs around $50 for one computer

To read a full review on this product click RegCure PC Optimizer


The Bottom Line


All computers slow down with age and use, and the majority of users simply want a quick, easy solution to remedy this and keep things running smoothly.

While TuneUp Utilities may be the best program for this, the repair inadequacies make this less worthwhile that other programs.

Some repair tools assume a knowledge of computers that the average user does not have, and let’s be honest – the experts do their own “cleaning” and seldom buy software for this purpose, so quite who these are intended for remains a mystery.

iolo's System Mechanic could have been number one if not for this inconvenience. Even with the problems outlines with the company who make PC Health Advisor, this is still the best tool, - easy to use and the best value for money, (providing you do not need to contact the company).

Each software package has features the others lack, (and remember there are other repair programs on the market), so it is a case of choosing the one you feel best suits your needs and budget.

Any opinion expressed in this article is just that, an opinion.

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Comments (4)

Jill, thanks for the review. I like how you put it together and used bullets for pros and cons. Very nice. Looking forward to reading more.

A fantastic best review... must have taken quite a while to put together!

Nice job on this review. Well done. Voted you up and tweeted.

Thank you all, yes it was quite a bit of work, but it helps me choose which to buy to keep my computer running better.