Top 8 Monthly Laptop Computer Maintenance Tips That Work
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Top 8 Monthly Laptop Computer Maintenance Tips That Work

To keep your laptop computer running without hitch, here are monthly laptop computer maintenance tips that work.

While there may be times you need to do something to keep your laptop computer working, it is wise to have a monthly laptop computer maintenance schedule to prevent loss of data that you have accumulated through time. The following are just simple tips to perform so that your laptop computer will serve you well through the years and make full use of your investment.

1. Scan Your Hard Drive for Problems

In the course of your surfing, copying, downloading and typing activities, some clusters of data are lost and cause your laptop to slow down or hang at times. Scanning the hard drive for problems can help solve the problem automatically and make your computer run smoothly. You can easily determine your hard drive’s defragmentation state by clicking the start button and typing “scan hard drive”. You will be guided by a menu to enable scanning and defragmentation of your files.

2. Arrange and Delete Unnecessary Files

You tend to accumulate files or data that you actually do not need. These may be old games that your friend shared with you, blurred pictures from your camera that you would not want, accidentally recorded videos, or downloaded materials which you already copied and used somewhere. These files accumulate precious storage space that can slow your laptop computer. Arrange your files and delete unnecessary files while going through them. If you don’t need those files, you might want to save them in a separate external hard drive or compact disc.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Software Applications

Uninstall unnecessary software applications in your laptop computer. One way to find out which software application you don’t need is to list the applications you use and tally your usage. Find the best application you need and uninstall the seldom used ones. This will unload your laptop computer of applications that demand memory resources even when not in use. Revo Uninstaller is a good uninstaller that can remove deep-seated files that cannot be removed by the integrated windows uninstaller application.

4. Dust Off Dirt from Your Laptop Computer

Dirt building up in your computer can cause electronic malfunctions especially if you are living in a humid zone. Water vapor easily adhere to dirt surfaces and clog the fan of your laptop computer. Cleaning the accessible moving parts can prevent squeaking fan sounds due to friction that may lead to overheating of sensitive electronic parts.

5. Copy Your Laptop Computer Files Into an External Hard Drive

Copy all the files of your laptop computer into an external hard drive with large storage space. A difficult to remove virus might infect your system and destroy your files. If your files are important, make it a habit to save it right away into a separate external hard drive, USB flash drive or compact disc. It pays to have redundant files to prevent major problems due to the volatile nature of computer data.

6. Create a Restore Point

Create a restore point when you think you have made an optimal software application installation that you would want to maintain in your laptop computer. This spares you the need to reinstall everything when the computer crashes. Again, it is easy to access the restore point procedure by typing “create a restore point” in the windows search application box or in internet browsers. This will save you time which can be devoted to other activities.

7. Clean Your Registry

Clean your registry by using popular applications like CCleaner. A free version is available. Cookies accumulated during internet browsing, trash in the recycle bin, file links in your office application will be removed to bring back your laptop computer up to speed.

8. Download and Install Software Updates

Regular software updates are made available primarily to address security issues. These software updates can effectively block new viruses or malwares that can slow down your laptop computer, destroy your files, or steal your personal data.

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©Patrick A. Regoniel 17 October 2010 Top 8 Monthly Laptop Computer Maintenance Tips That Work

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Comments (10)

This is excellent advice for any computer user, not just laptop computer users.

These things are so easy to put off, but are very important. Thanks for the reminder.

Very useful advice Patrick, thanks.

Great tips!

Excellent tips, Patrick. I'll keep all of these in mind. Thanks :)

Very handy tips. It's always a pain having to reformat your laptop.

Laptop computers have more sensitive hardware parts compared to desktop computers. That is why it should be more important to maintain the laptop computer in safe and easy way. Keep it up! Voted and shared.

Well, these are so great and perfect step by step from the information that you shared with us. Now I had the perfect idea of how the maintenance of the laptop. Thank you for sharing. Computer Forum
Well, these are such a great and perfect step by step information you shared with us. Now I got the perfect idea how to maintenance laptop. Thanks for sharing. Computer forum

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